Grading Policy


  • Teachers will grade students on grade-level TEKs given by the state.
  • Graded papers will be sent home in Tuesday folders each week. Check these folders to stay informed about your child’s grades.
  • Progress reports will be available via Skyward every 3 weeks.
  • Special Notations will be marked in Skyward. ie: *Accommodate, M-Modified
  • The highest grade a retest/retake can be given is a 70.
  • Teachers will schedule a conference with parents for students consistently not meeting expectations on grade level work.
  • Teachers will follow the district grading policy and guidelines.               

3rd & 4th Grading

  • Teachers will record grades in Skyward weekly to allow parents to monitor student progress.
  • The campus expectation for grades is 8+ per grading period in the major subjects (reading, writing, and math).
  •  Students scoring below a 70 on any major assessments will be given an opportunity to redo it, to replace the original grade, up to a 70.

Report Cards

  • Report cards will be available via Skywards every 9 weeks: October 19, January 11, March 21, and May 23.